Company Overview

WAVE CARRIERS was formed with the goal of being one stop service provider for all Logistic need. We have combined experience of 10 plus years in the Transportation Industry. We pride ourselves on designing and flawlessly executing solutions for our customers at the highest level of quality and service.

One of the main goal of WAVE CARRIERS is to be specialized in the Transportation Industry. Over the years we have gained expertise in moving Refrigerated and Dry goods. We pride ourselves in designing solutions for our customers ensuring “seamless service” and best “Customer Experience”.


One of the integral part of our operation is to maintain a secured Supply Chain Network. We are in the process of obtaining all the certifications, which will be the testament of what we do and how we do.

BONDED Carrier

We are USA and Canada Bonded carrier and can move goods which require BONDs to be placed against the goods. Our Dispatchers and Drivers are well versed with the process of moving Bonded goods to USA and Canada.

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WAVE CARRIERS is your Business Partner of choice!

  • 24/7 Availability : Our Fleet is always on the move 24x7. Our Dispatchers work round the clock to make sure that they are always available.
  • Commitment : We build relationships with our employees and focus a lot particularly, in retaining our drivers. Holding on to our experienced drivers translates into great service and consistent capacity.
  • Real Time Tracking : All our Trucks have GPS system and is tracked live by our Dispatchers and Logistic Manager. This means that we always know where the load is at what time.
  • Experienced freight specialists : Cross border shipping is our expertise. This is what we do every day and this is what we've done for many years.
  • Low driver turnover : We build relationships with our employees and focus a lot on holding on to our experienced drivers, who are the ultimate assets of our company.
  • Proactive approach : We quote the service you request, but we also look for alternatives that could work better for you and your budget.

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Reefer Services

When you require temperature controlled movement of goods our Reefer will ensure all your needs are met.

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We have 10+ years Experience in the Transporation Industry.

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